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How to Use “Volume and Candlesticks

This video is from Trader DNA they say  “The candlesticks are the reflections of what buyers and sellers are doing. What extent they move the price and the strength behind the move. CANDLES TELL YOU who is in control but do not tell you about the strength of buyer or sellers behind the move, candle …

Reader’s Digest Explanation of Technical Analysis

Video from the Trading Channel. According to them:  ” Understanding how to implement technical analysis correctly in your trading is one of the most important things you need to create a profitable trading career. If you do not understand technical analysis or if you do not know how to use technical analysis correctly, then your …


This is my blog about technical analysis. I completed the level 2 Chartered Market Technician’s program from the International Federation of Technical Analysts. and am a past board of director of the Canadian Society of Technical Analyst. I will be posting information about how technical analysis is used to trade and invest in the …

How To Use Volume For Trading Help

This video explains the concept of using volume for help with trading and investing.  A stock’s volume can help confirm the trend, when to buy, warn of trend changes, and give clues as to where institutions are investing.