What are Heiken-Ashi Charts and the Difference from Candlesticks?

Heikin-Ashi charts, bless their souls, are a kind of candlestick chart used in the art of technical analysis to divine the trends of the market and forecast its future movements. They come from the land of the rising sun, where they are known as “average bars” or, in their native tongue, Heikin-Ashi. Now, these charts … Read more

Understanding Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are a nifty tool used by traders to help divine the direction of the markets. These patterns are born from the fluctuation of prices over time and can be seen etched onto the charts like a map of the stock market’s twists and turns. Continuation patterns are those that suggest the present price … Read more

Candlestick Charts & Patterns Explained and Course

As I sat in front of my trading monitors, poring over my charts my mind wandered to the world of Japanese trading and the method they had developed for representing price movements – the Japanese Candlestick charts. Like rolling hills and valleys, each candlestick rise and fall with the passage of time, its body and … Read more

The Basics of Bar Charts in Trading

Ah, the bar chart, a trusty companion to traders and financial analysts alike. It’s a curious thing, really, the way it displays the movements of those elusive financial instruments we so dearly covet from stocks, futures, forex and crypto. Each bar represents a unit of time and we can glean a wealth of information about … Read more

Tom Demark How To Trade The Nines – The Sequential

When I was on the Board of the Canadian Society Technical Analyst we brought Mr. Demark to Toronto to come give a presentation on his work.  I was intrigued with his Sequential concept and there is a Sequential plugin that works on Metatrader and it is included on TradingView. Remember all videos and information on … Read more