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Acceleration Bands

How to use acceleration bands

Acceleration Bands (ABANDS) were created by Price Headley. They plot upper and lower envelope bands around a simple moving average. Here are some videos on how to use Acceleration Bands. The first video is with Price Headley.   The next video explains how to use Acceleration Bands in Day trading.     The next video …

Welcome To ChartATTACKS

Introduction to Technical Analysis

This is my blog about technical analysis. I completed the level 2 Chartered Market Technician’s program from the International Federation of Technical Analysts. and am a past board of director of the Canadian Society of Technical Analyst. I will be posting information about how technical analysis is used to trade and invest in the …

The Accumulation Distribution Indicator Explained

Accumulation and Distribution Indicator

This video explains how to use the the Accumulation/Distribution Indicator. Very good presentation.  In a nutshell, the indicator looks at amount of volume flowing into or out of an the price chart  by identifying the position of the close of the period in relation to that period’s high andlow range. The volume for the period …