Keltner Channel Trading Strategy

This strategy is easy to understand and uses the TradingView Keltner Channel indicator adapted by Rafael Zioni and the Cycle Channel Oscillator by Lazy Bear

Traders use the Keltner Channel to identify potential buy and sell signals. When the price of the asset moves above the upper band, it may indicate that the asset is overbought, and a sell signal may be generated. Conversely, when the price moves below the lower band, it may indicate that the asset is oversold, and a buy signal may be generated.

The Cycle Channel Oscillator (CCO) is a technical analysis indicator used to identify cycles and trends in financial markets. It is a momentum-based oscillator that measures the distance between the price of an asset and its moving average, and it can be used on any time frame.

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The video gives a good explanation of the strategy after a lengthy intro. To jump to how this system works just fast forward to about 2:13 in the video.

If you want to try this strategy you will need a paid subscription to TradingView get access to these indicators.

Here is the link to

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